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We take the confusion out of learning and create inspiring experiences to ensure your success!


A clear road map to successful learning on the guitar!


Bring clarity and ease to your practice at home with our Practice Guide Videos!
Open the App, start your Practice Timer, then follow your instructor through your practice!


Reach out to your instructor through our Community App anytime you feel lost! We are always happy to help!


Perform with fellow students as the guitarists in a pro-level backing band. This is where students become inspired musicians and become part of a community, rather than a weekly student on a lonely journey! Join us on this adventure!

G4 Guitar School

Most guitar students quit within their first year of lessons. That’s why we exist; to make sure that you don’t miss out on the extra bit of magic that music can bring to your life. Whether it’s rescuing your learning experience from a less qualified instructor, going the extra mile to help you at home with our Practice App, or creating Meaningful Moments in our Performance Program to help you become inspired, we’ve got what you need to succeed. You’ve got what it takes. We can prove it!


The G4 Guitar Method

The G4 Guitar Method is far bigger and better than any individual teacher or school. There are now 60+ G4 GUITAR School locations across the globe and each one weighs in with their experience to make the method better. It is not a curriculum formulated by the experiences and opinions of a few, rather it is refined as it is tested on thousands of students each an every week. This is how we provide the easiest and most successful learning experience on the guitar.

Meet The Owner!

Owner and Instructor, Dereck Johnson is a husband and father with a passion for music and a love for people. He has been playing the guitar for 18 years and he also plays the bass guitar, drums, piano, ukulele and he loves to sing! He is all too familiar with the confusion and frustration of learning to play the guitar and has a heart to spare his students from that discouragement as he guides them down a clear path to success on the guitar! Dereck’s ultimate goal is that lives would be impacted by music like his was. That nobody would miss out on the joy and the adventure that music has to offer, and certainly not due to poor teaching or lack thereof. 

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Adult testimonial

“As an adult student my time is limited, but over the past six months since starting lessons with G4 Guitar School, I have been able to improve quicker than I anticipated.

Soon after beginning to build upon the basics, I was challenged to learn some songs; which has not only helped to keep my attention, but also improved my learning of the fundamentals.

I encourage anyone who wants to learn or knows someone who wants to take guitar lessons, go to G4 Guitar School, you won’t be disappointed.”



“My 3rd grader loves guitar lessons at G4. Dereck is a great instructor who helps her stay motivated. Her love for music has grown! He makes it become an experience, more than just lessons.”

– Miriam’s Mom

Live Music from our Students!

No stock footage here! These are our students and what you are hearing is 100% them!
Join us on this Adventure!!!!


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